Those seeking a floor spots on guest nights should contact us before coming.
Time is very limited on these nights and if time permits we will have floor singers but have to be selective.
We recommend you phone or email us first to avoid disappointment, especially if coming from a long way.
On Singers & Musicians nights we welcome performers of any ability.
@ the
Farnborough Social Club
Farnborough Village
Orpington Folk Music and Song Club
exists to promote folk music and song.
It is a non-profit making organisation
and is for those who wish to listen to
or take part in an informal evening of
folk music and song.
Every Thursday @ 7:45pm
Orpington Folk Club
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~As of 7th May~

Hi All,

Unfortunately we were unable to meet the Secretary and President of the Farnborough Social Club on the 6th May.  We are hoping to meet one day next week with a view to finding an opening date for OFC.  The information we have so far is that the social club will be open to members on the 17th May.  We think that the OFC residents and organisers will be able to meet then but probably without being able to perform.  The Social Club is a warm and friendly place with plenty of room to socially distance an excellent bar and plenty of parking spaces.  Please see below for the finer details.

Watch this website for future developments on when we can open.
Us @ OFC.

This is a guide to the rules of admission :
On entering the building all guests must wear a face mask.
If you see an NHS QR Track 'N' Trace poster please scan it if you have the facility on your phone.
Please follow the arrows on the floor and go to the counter to sign in.
There is Hand Sanitiser Gel in the bar and the OFC club room.
Go through the double doors at the end and meet us.
Someone will take your temperature with a laser thermometer. We will not allow anyone to enter with a temperature above 38deg C.
There are many tables in the room for four people but only those in the same family/bubble can use all four. Due to the requirement for social distancing not all the tables can be used.
You are asked please, not to visit other tables to meet other family groups.
Masks can be taken off when sitting but if you need to use the facilities or move from your seats you must wear your masks again.
Mask exempt persons, providing proof is a personal choice, is not necessary in law but would be appreciated.  If possible please carry an exemption card or wear an exemption badge.  Any difficulties speak to a member of staff when signing in.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Folk Club news :
It is unfortunate but we now have to pay for the use of the Social Club, to cover heating and light etc.
On singers nights you will be asked to contribute at the folk club door £2.
Guest nights will now be a single contribution of £8 pp.

Us @ OFC.

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Over the years we have collected emails from our guests and regular visitors to the club.
Due to new EU regulations relating to privacy laws GDPR, which I'm sure you are all aware of, it is incumbent on us to ask if we can continue to keep the email address in our email client address book.  We will over the coming months be sending an email to the holders of the accounts asking if we can continue to keep it in our email client address book.  You will be asked to reply if you wish to be removed.  You can also confirm to continue subscription as well.

Our promise to you : We are and always will be committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

  • What we will not do :
  • We will not share/sell your email address with any third parties.
  • We will not share your email address with anyone purporting to know you.
  • We will not show your email address to other members when we send messages to more than one recipient.
  • We will not send any emails advertising products or services.
  • What we will do.
  • We will however send you the occasional email informing you of future guest and events, relevant to our joint interest in folk music & song.
  • We will reply to emails sent to us requesting information and include an "Unsubscribe" link.
  • We may have to email you in the event of guest night cancellation.
  • We may have to email in the event of closure due to bad weather or the venue closing.


Enquiries for bookings should contact via email first please.
Contacts : Ted Handley
0208 325 6513
Steve Jennings
01959 532 754
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