Russ urton @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2000
This is an appreciation of a member of that undervalued endangered species - the folk club organiser.  Russ has been a member of Orpington Folk Club for about 27 years and stewarding it for 20.  He decided to stand down at the end of 1999.  It is a tribute to his ability and industry that four people now handle the jobs that he did on his own.  He first came to the to the club in 1971 when it was at the Royal Oak, Green Street Green. After 14 years at the Oak, the club moved to the Royal Albert at which time Julia Winn took over from Dave Plane.  A meeting was held on January 21st 1980, at which the seven stalwarts present including Russ, all chipped in £5 to give the club a boost after its move.  I don't think they ever got their money back!  Later on in that year at a meeting on October 10th 1980 Russ took charge of publicity.  (By the raising of left legs?!)  The club finally moved to its present home The White Hart on November 5th 1982, changing to a Thursday night.  When Julia left, Russ took over the main role of booking guest(s) as well as the publicity and finances.  He did all these tasks and more.
Orpington Folk Club plaque to celebrate 21 years.
Some of the other things he's been involved with :
Open top bus trips to villages in Kent.
Rambles in the country (followed by the mandatory music session.)
The Club's 18th, 21st and Jubilee birthday parties.
With Janine & Steve Curry the placing of a plaque on the outside wall of the pub, to celebrate 21 years.
Celebrations to mark the opening of the Crofton Halls.
Joint ventures with Bromley Arts Festivals.
The committee 2000 would like to take this opportunity to thank Russ for his contributions over the years.  You can thank him by coming to his pre-millennium bash on December 30th 1999.
Ivan North / Steve Jennings.
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