Ted @ Orpington Folk Club 2002 "The White Hart"
Ted is one of three brothers Ted, Charlie and Dave Handley, known throughout the South East as Triality and before that as, Trial And Error. Ted and Charlie were both regulars at the club and became residents, with Ted on accordion, Charlie on Trumpet or horn and occasionally Dave on electric bass. They brought with them an unusual, lively and refreshing approach to folk music.
Now that Dave and Charlie no longer live in the area and are unable to perform at the club,
Ted ocasionaly teams up with fellow accordionist Ivan. They call themselves Teddy 'N' Freddie.
FANTINI from Allodi accordions (1998-200)
From Alodi.  Ted has owned a number of accordions since he began playing them.  The box on the right is an Italian make called Fantini which he obtained in early 1998 from Allodi accordians.  It is a 96 Bass, 4 reed both hands instrument and is micked-up with a phantom powered Motorolla electret condenser microphone. (1998-2000)
FANTINI from Allodi accordions (2000-2003)
The accordion on the left is an Italian make called Fantini from Allodi accordions and apart from the colour is exactly the same as the one above it.  It has also been wired up for midi operation.  An accident in February temporarely put the Fantini out of action.  Ted had to use his Excelsior seen below right.  It has now been returned fully repaired from Fantini and sports the manufactors nameFantini.  (2000-2003)
Ted bought this Excelsior concert from a charity shop in Chislehurst in 2002 for £30.  Although playable it has been brought up to speck by Allodi accordions.  It has taken nearly a year for the work to be carried out and well worth the wait and cost of renevation.  He is currently playing it at gigs and the club.
It is a 120 bass, 4 voice accordion, with hand finished reeds and 2 Sennheiser MT04 mikes.  (2003-2003)
Although from the photographs the Excelsior appears to about the same size as the other accordions it is fact a lot bigger than all of them.  It has been sold and replaced by the Crucianelli.  Its versatility reads like a shopping list. 120 Bass, 4 treble keys, 13 treble couplers, 9 bass couplers, double cossotto, 3 voice mussette plus Dutch tuning, 4 voice treble, 5 voice bass and two MT04 Sennhieser mikes.  It is also, I'm told by Ted, it's b***** heavy.(2003-2004)
Champion Cassotto 120 bass 5 voice, Double cassotto, fully decorated, Sennhieser MT04 microphones.  (2004-2005)
Kingline professional compact 120 bass 5 voice + microphones. (2004-00?) Image soon
From Sem Italian made wireless, midi (reedless) accordion.  The accordion plays real sampled sounds of accordions and other instruments.  Layered sounds can be selected for additional sound complexity and fullness.  The bass hand can also play percussion instruments as well.  Ted Handley (December 2009)
Roland Fr7
Roland Fr7
Right Hand - 41 Keys Piano Type with velocity and aftertouch
Left Hand - 120 Bass buttons with velocity
Keyboard Mode
Right Hand: Solo, Dual, High/Low (for Orchestral Sounds)
Left Hand: Standard, Free Bass, Orchestral Bass, Orchestral Chord, Orchestral Free Bass
Bellows - Real pneumatic detection of bellows pressure, by a high resolution pressure sensor.
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