Occasionaly guest(s) write to us about their memories of the club

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Dick Miles, October 2011
I have played in at least four of your different venues, I played as a duo with Norman Western, and solo at Green Street Green. I have a vivid memory of playing at Green Street Green, when Dave Plane and SteveJennings were running the club, and suddenly the club was invaded by a mob of 70 year old revellers on a coach tour, they stayed for an hour having a ball and then promptly all left at 10 oclock presumably their bedtime.

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Chris Andrews, Sept 2009
It was Ralph May who gave Kevin and I the bug to go traveling and ended up on the road for years.  Did Terry ever play the fiddle?  Who is the fiddle player in the photo?

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Paul Downes, June 2009
Hi, Steve,
Yes, I think 4/3/10 should be fine. I think I have played the White Hart more than once. I was (possibly with Bill Zorn) playing there and the audience contained Joe Stead, The Amazing Mr. Smith, his late wife, Viva and my future wife, Jen Ingersoll. It was the night Dangerous Curves was formed!  I'm pretty sure I also played there in a duo with my brother, Warwick. Anyway, please confirm and I look forward to seeing you then, if not before. Kind regards.

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Trevor Douglas, October 2015
Trevor Douglas, October 2015

To Steve Jennings
Many years into retirement I help our local Oxfam shop with selection and pricing of donated LPs.  Recent research led me to the website of Orpington Folk Club and I was delighted to see that it still thrives.  You may or may not remember myself and wife (Jennifer) who attended the club for some years before leaving Kent in 1977.  On our last night we were presented with an album by Mabel Joy duly signed by Gillian Finnie (the groups singer), Maureen Wilson, Andy Melmore, Sorrel and Peter, Julia and Jeff, Charlie (I believe he died in the 1980s) and someone calling himself "The Streets of London Kid".  Some of these I remember, some I do not but Jennifer and I look back fondly on the club night's, the excellent artists (including Dave Plane!) and the friends we made.  To add to our warm recall I now see that the album "On The Border" is being sold on by the website Musicstack at 80 and 100 - not that I would ever think of selling.  By the way, I see from your photograph (on the clubs website) that you havent changed a bit over the past 40 years! I wish I could say the same.

Best wishes to you and may the club enjoy continued success.
Trevor Douglas

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