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If you've got a new song and want to try it out on an appreciative audience, then tonight’s the night.
Dave Plane
Dave Plane @ Orpington Folk Club 2006

Dave is a craftsman in music.  He is a superb musician, although, half the time he won't admit it.  I've had the pleasure of listening to him play the guitar, five string banjo, Appalachian dulcimer and the auto-harp.  These instruments he uses to accompany the wide variety of songs in his abundant repertoire.  This artiste, and I use the word in its fullest sense, has never restricted himself to one field of folk music, as do so many others.  Dave is as happy singing about a Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase as he is describing the antics of a Victorian father whitewashing the parlour wall.  Aside from the modern compositions performed by Dave on bookings, he is, in his own way, preserving selected fragments of the folk and country heritage of Great Britain and the Americas.

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