Ann Halford (Gove)
Anne's first visit to Orpington Folk club was in the summer of 1984.  She was initially introduced by Ivan while they were both musicians for Motley Morris and the Kent Korkers morris dance sides.  It wasn't long before Anne started performing at the club with residents, Steve Jennings and Keith Halford, becoming a resident musician herself soon after.

Coming from a very musical family Anne plays a variety of instruments, recorder, flute, piccolo, piano accordion and piano.  Her tastes in music are diverse, but whether it be orchetral, playing Piano Accordion for Motley Morris or teaming-up with fellow residents, she will complement all.

Anne is an invaluable member of the club, who as well as being a gifted musician helps in the running of the evenings.

Recordings :-

"Sounds From The Hart"

The O.F.C.Scratched Band of 1990.  Recorded and produced by: Simon Evans.  Still available on cassette at the club.  Limited stock OFC1.

"Don't Let The Music Police Take Us Away...."

Ed & Tom (Ed Scully & Thomas Page)
Recorded By :  Brian Miller @Wonderous Music.  Available on CD from Ed & Tom EDTOM 001 CD

Anne Halford (Gove) & Sharon Grant co-cover girls of the ENGLISH DANCE & SONG magazine October 1989.
Anne Halford (Gove) & Sharon Grant October 1998
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