Those Present at the 50th Birthday Celebration 14th may 2015

Ross Barlow
Peter Barlow
Carol Booth
Russ Burton
Ken Bridgeford
Pete Currie (Blossom)
Anne Halford
Keith Halford
Joan Gove
Ted Handley
Barry Laing (Bishop of Welling)
Andy Melmore
Ivan North
Annie Parsons
Dave Plane
John Russell
Terry Sparkes
Mike Stapley
Paul Steele
Ian Petrie
Ita Petrie
Phil Burchel
Mike Green
Jennifer Green
Harry pattullo
Grahame Hood
Heather Janet Barfoot
Steven Barfoot
Paul Reeve

Margaret Bridgeford
John Banfield
Roger Resch
Bob Kenward
Linda Carter
Diane Eveleigh
Martin Fitzgrald
Sue Hooton
Brian Parker
Glen Grey
Annet Walker
Lesley Dyer
Mike Dyer
Michael Bruce
Sally Bruce

For a few photos of the evening go here...

Dear Orpington Folk Club,

Thanks for this reminder.  I won't be able to join you on Thursday (I live in Devon and only get to Kent occasionally)
Best wishes to you all on the 50th anniversary and have a great evening.  I'll try and drop in some time in the coming months.

Syd Maddicott.

I would like to wish you all the best for 50 years of doing the right thing!

Please say "hi" from me to everyone on the night.


Paul Downes.

Congratulations on your 50 year anniversary – what an amazing achievement and I hope you have a fantastic evening.  Unfortunately, Jim has a gig this Thursday and we will be unable to attend.  However we will raise a glass to you and be with you in spirit.


Maria O'brien and Jim McLean.

A great many thanks for including me on the list of invitees - and a trillion apologies for being so slow to respond.  Been away for several days.Be delighted to come. Got family from Scotland staying that week - but I'll do my best to sneak away even if it means I'm only able to stay a little while.
It's quite a milestone.  Hats off to all concerned.  The club has always been kind to me and I send the heartiest of congratulations.  Do my very best to be there next Thursday.

All the very, very best.

Bob Wood.

Hello Orpington - thanks for the invite but, unfortunately, I will not be able to make it as I have a gig in Bishop’s Stortford that evening.  I hope the evening is a success, and here’s to the next 50 years!

Regards to all.

Rick Christian.

Aaaargh ... circumstances seem this morning to be conspiring against me.  As I mentioned before that we had family coming to stay the weekend with us.  At very short notice, alas, their plans to drive have been discombobulated by major car trouble.  They're now flying down - and I fear I now have to do an airport collection from Stansted this evening.  I reckon that just about scuppers my fond hopes of a trip to Orpington for a celebratory pint.  I'm really, really sorry.  Just not my style to dip out of commitments like that - but I hope I'll be forgiven in time for doing the dutiful thing instead.
I shall, however, raise a glass to you all this evening when I get home - and toast a remarkable 50 years innings...  and still going strong.  It's a helluva landmark. fair play to the lot of you.
Kindest regards and renewed apologies (for my inconvenient family from SNP-Shire)

Bob Wood.