Keith Halford

Keith's introduction to Folk Clubs was in the late 1970's at Farningham and Dartford. His first experience of Orpington Folk Club was in 1987. He became a resident shortly after. He invited Anne to perform with him when he noticed her playing along outside the club room. They later teamed up with Steve Jennings to form 'Even Sink the Tea'. After a long spell in retirement babysistting the girls he has now returned as a resident at the club.

As a boy in the sixties, Keith would sing all the pop songs of the day. in his mid-teens, he started to play the acoustic guitar playing rock music. His musical tastes then encompassed Psychedelic and Progressive Rock. In the late seventies he discovered that the pop music he most enjoyed in the sixties was, in fact, from the folk revival period. To this day he has concentrated on keeping alive the music of our contemporary folk musicians, primarily British, Dougie MacLean; Steve Tilston; Richard Thompson; Steve Knightley; Ralph McTell; Richard Grainger; Huw Williams among others.