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Nick Dow
Nick Dow @ orpington folk Club, Farnborough Social Club 2022

Nick has been singing traditional Folk Songs for over Forty years.  He plays a mean guitar and has a voice I describe as mellifluous.  He has had a big influence on the Folk scene and made numerous recordings.

Nick is an acknowledged expert on West Country Folk Songs and together with his wife Mally, has collected over 300 songs in Dorset, and also found singers in Lancashire and Essex.  Nick and Mally now live happily in East Lancashire surrounded by Moorland and Fells.

‘A Secret Stream’ brings together over a hundred mostly unpublished folk songs and tunes, carols, including songs  in the Anglo-Romany tongue ,collected from English Gypsies by Victorian and Edwardian collectors such as Cecil Sharp, Ella Leather, Lucy Broadwood, George Borrow and Ralph Vaughan Williams.  Selected by Nick Dow, the musical notation has been transcribed by Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne and there are authoritative historical notes to each song supplied by Steve Gardham, along with detailed biographical material for many of the singers.

Singers & Musicians Night
Singers & Musicians Night
Singers & Musicians Night
Singers & Musicians Night
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