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Ross Barlow Hot Spot & Singers Night

Something different tonight a Singers & Musicians Night with a guest singer doing two 25min spots.

8:30pm to 8:55pm and 10:00pm to 10:25pm with plenty of time for singers.

Some of you may remember Ross famous for his parodies "Blue Biro" and others.  For others who have never seen Ross before then your in for a treat, listen very carefully to his well crafted songs. 
Ross Barlow

Orpington old boy Ross moved to Somerset nearly thirty years ago. That’s him, (pictured) waiting at the bus stop for the 358 from Yeovil to Farnborough Village.  He has featured regularly on the Somerset/Dorset pub/club circuit, has a website, and a recently released cd “Slow Horses”.

He fuses folk, country, blues and jazz and lyrically aims to make an impression, whether it be through the sadness of “Cakes and Ale” the, what could have been of “Arlington Park” or the humour of “Daydreamin”, “Detours” and the cautionary “The Night that Ron Bacardi met up with Stella Artois”.  Those who have long memories will recall parodies such as “Blue Biro” and “Mammas Don’t let you Babies grow up to be Cowboys”, which are still in the repertoire, along with a whole lot of fresh, new material.

Singers & Musicians Night
Singers & Musicians Night
Jim McLean
Jim McLean @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2018

Jim McLean our first guest for 2021, looking very serious here.  He is however a lot of fun as those who have seen him before will testify.

As The London Evening Standard and Time Out! Magazine so succinctly put it:   "Jim McLean…who IS he?".  Born in the West Coast of Scotland, Jim was brought up on a staple diet of Scottish and Irish Folk, with lashings of Old-Timey and Country Music for desert.

His songwriting covers the whole genre from hard-hitting social comment to the tenderest of love songs.  This, together with his ability to re-interpret and transform traditional songs to breathe new life into them, has brought him a reputation as a true performer.

Jim McLean More...

Singers & Musicians Night
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