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Hunter Muskett
Hunter Muskett @ orpington Folk Club, Farnbrough Social Club 2021

Hunter Muskett originaly from South London and now from Essex, London, Lincolnshire and Demark.  A four piece band; guitars, harmoniser and bass, they play mainly original material.  They have two 70's albums now unavailable one of which has my favourite track "Silver Coin" and two recent CDs' available tonight.  Steve Jennings.

Chris George, Terry Hiscock and Doug Morter formed Hunter Muskett in 1969 whilst still at college.  The band was lucky in having access to the clubs and colleges of London, including The Marquee and the Troubadour where they were finally spotted.
Within a year they were signed by Decca producer Kim Margolis and booked into the company’s West Hampstead studios alongside bassist Danny Thompson.  Arranger Richard Hewson was commissioned to write orchestral parts for a number of the songs.

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Singers & Musicians Night
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Singers & Musicians Night
Singers & Musicians Night
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