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Jez Lowe
Jez Lowe 2015

Jez must be the premier singer / songwriter in the UK.  He seems to have been on the scene for ever either as a soloist or with his groupThe Bad Pennies’.  As BBC Radio DJ Mike Harding said recently, ‘No-one else writes or sounds like Jez Lowe’, and chances are, even if you’ve never heard the man himself, you’ll have heard his songs, sung at festivals, club-gigs, open-mikes or on CD.  What higher accolade could a songwriter hope for?

Singers & Musicians Night
If you can sing, play an instrument or do both at the same time, then tonights your night.  Open to all new comers and the veterans alike.  A warm welcome is assurd.
Singers & Musicians Night
Kelter Duo CD Cover

Kelter is world music duo Davey Slater (guitar) and Graham Knibbs (fiddle).
Although a relatively new name on the folk scene, Kelter is firmly seated as a well accomplished couple within the musical world.  With their all encompassing genres, they cover and perform an exciting combination of “World Music” ranging from; Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Spanish, Gypsy, Swing, Jazz and Celtic.

Singers & Musicians Night
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song