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Mandy Woods
Mandy WoodsMandy is a singer / songwriter.  She grew up near Oxford, England, but spent a decade in Austin, Texas.  A seasoned writer and performer in Europe and America, Mandy Woods has spent most of her adult life crafting songs.  Many of them telling stories - about the ups and downs of relationships, about her own and other people's struggles and quests, and about the myriad other twists of fate that have inspired her imagination.
Singers & Musicians Night
If you can sing, play an instrument or do both at the same time, then tonights your night.  Open to all new comers and veterans alike.  A warm welcome is assurd.
Phil Burchell Duo
Phil Burchell Band @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2017

The 'Back Room Band' is billed as 'The Phil Burchell Band' and the organisers speculated what this might actually be this year.  It might be Phil (vocals and guitar), Ric' Cecconi (double bass), Clodagh Reynolds (vocals and guitar) and Karen Ritson (vocals).

Unfortunately only Phil & Ric will be with us tonight.

Singers & Musicians Night
Orpington Folk Club
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