Breaking Hearts
Ron Trueman-Border
RTB has just released another CD. This should not be newsworthy as Ron is probably the most prolific songwriter yet to be put in commercial captivity. But, having been lucky enough to be able to hear Ron live on a regular basis and having digested, dissected and delighted in his previous CDs, I think "Breaking Hearts" is the one I would now choose to induct the uninitiated.

20 very diverse tracks from the generally comic to the personally painful, solo accompaniment to the big production number, wordplay to stories to metaphorical wistfulness. The tunes vary from the singalong to the folk/blues to that special RTB venomous snarl which always demands respect from the audience of a live performance. There is also a very special track - "Old Man Of The Sea" - which deserves to be played on all discerning radio stations, and will be one of my Desert Island Discs.

Had some fun imagining who in the commercial world should pick up the tracks - decided that it was Dylan for the title track, The Pogues could probably do justice to "Luck of the Irish", Bruce Springsteen for "Anyway", The Levellers for "Tearing My England Down" and Elton John badly needs "Million Years" if he is ever to sell a million again. However, "Cat 'O' Nine Tails" and "Hyenas" should only be performed by RTB - and you should make every effort to be there when he does them live. If that is impossible - buy this CD, share it with your friends and bask in the glory of having been there and heard it before they sell the tee shirt.

Steve Clarke.
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song