The Boy bands have won
No Masters NMCD28
‘Chumbawamba are back, armed with acoustic guitars, accordion and trumpet, five-part harmonies, a bucketful of attitude and a new 25-track album’.
The band comprises Neil Ferguson (guitars), Lou Watts (percussion), Boff Whalley (ukulele), Jude Abbott (brass) and Phil Moody (accordion).  All take part in the vocals and they are joined by among others - Oyster Band, Roy Bailey, Robb Johnson and Barry Coope and Jim Boyes.
With so many tracks some are obviously very short. ‘What we want’ is only 48 seconds and the longest ‘I wish they‘d sack me’ is 4.10 minutes.
Chumba are political, but they make their points tunefully and with humour, so that the album is gentle and warm in tone, but caustic in intent. Thoughtfully the lyrics are printed in capitals on the insert, so l could follow ‘Lord Bateman’s Motorbike’ and muse on ‘All Fur Coat and No Knickers’. A special delight was ‘El Fusilado’, the man who survived a Mexican firing squad.
Ivan North.
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