(2001 - 2004)
Unfortuanetly Tom 'N' Ed had to resign from the club in December 2004. Tom's commitments and the distance he has to travel from his new home in Chingford prohibit frequent visits to perform and help run the club. Tom and Ed promised to come as when they can, they will be sadly missed by us all and hope they can make it often.
Tom Page & Ed Sculley @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2001
Don't Let The Music Police Take Us Away....
Tom & Ed's CD "Don't Let The Music Police Take Us Away"
01: May You Never
02: This Love Will Carry
03: Sweet Little Mystery
04: The Foyboatman
05: Green Grow The Rashes
06: Avalon
07: Spencer The Rover
08: Beeswing
09: King Of Bohemia
10: Eternity
11: Roxanne
12: Down Too Deep
13: Scarborough Fair
14: From Clare To Here
15: Icarus
16: Caladonia
Tom @ Orpington folk club
TOM & ED's CD is available via : Email: edntomfolk@hotmail.com
Ed @ Orpington folk club
Tom Page and Ed Scullye have been friends since school days.  Ed was the 'New Boy' and the teacher made Tom sit next to him so he'd have someone to talk to!  Since then they have enjoyed their fair share of boyhood scrapes and japes, teenage traumas and the onset of grey hair.
Tom @ Orpington folk club
Some eight or nine years ago Ed asked Tom "Do you still sing?" and the rest is history.  Once they knew more than two songs they braved the wilds of Orpington Folk Club. The natives were so friendly they stayed.  Now beginning to branch out and try new things always keen to go to new clubs and try their luck so keep an eye out for us we pop up in the most unlikely places!
Ed @ Orpington folk club
Ed's Guitar "Yamaha FG-461S"
YAMAHA FG-461S 1998
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