Steve Jennings at The Knoll Country Club 1975 with guitar (Boosey & Hawkes 'The Hawk')
Steve Jennings @ The Knoll Country Club 1975
-: On the left
Steve has been a member of Orpington Folk Club since 1967 and involved in its running since the 1970's.  Beginning with just helping out when Dave Plane was on a gig and then becoming a resident singer/musician.
He has now also taken over the job of advertising for the club from Russ Burton who retired at the end of 1999.

His taste in folk music ranges from unaccompanied singers to full blown folk rock.  This means that his own repertoire is very varied and limited only by the fact he can only play one instrument at a time.  He started learning to play the guitar at the age of fourteen with no formal training.  Developing a style from watching and listening to such musicians as, Ralph Mctell, Martin Carthy and more recently Steve Tilston
Steve jennings @ the Carpenters house, a long time ago.
-: On the left
A long time ago at my Uncle and Aunts home at Northend Lane.
Pauline Snow (Fitzpatrick) @ the Knoll Country Club 1970'sPajent Folk Trio, Andy Melmore - Pauline Snow - Steve Jennings @ the Knoll Country Club 1970's
As she was then Pauline Snow (Fitzpatrick) 1970's and a rare photo of Pajent folk trio
From the left Andy Melmore - Pauline Snow - Steve Jennings - Murry Valentine
Steve Jennings @ The Phoenix Green Street Green 2001
On the right :-
At the Pheonix Folk Club, (Working Mans' Club) Green Street Green in 2001 seen here playing the Crafter a 50th birthday present.
Steve Jennings @ Farnborough Fair 2012
-: On the left
At the Farnborough Fare, September 2012
Steve Jennings @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 12th November 2015.
On the right :-
At the OFC 12th November 2015
Steve Jennings @ the Apple Fair, October 2017
On the Left:-
At the Apple Fare, October 2017
Crafter guitar 1998

YAMAHA FG170 1975
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