Marco Lenzi
Marco has a rock and blues background from his teenage years when he played with bands in Italy as a bass player and performing for a couple of years in night clubs entertaining revellers with the popular music of the time.

Leaving his country and guitars behind he came to the UK and left off playing all together for several years but remained interested in music and fascinated by some of the skilled guitarists he encountered in various venues: James Taylor, Paul Simon, Gordon Giltrap, Ralph McTell, Hugh Williams to name a few.

Encouraged to once again pick up a guitar he has challenged himself to learn from the masters, aiming to communicate the heart of the songs to his listeners.

Having some time to spare and the desire to play more and devote more time to acoustic music he chanced upon the Orpington Folk Club, risked a visit, was made very welcome, since when he has sought to increase his repertoire trying out new songs on the group and being delighted to be made a resident this year.
Marco LenziMarco Lenzi
Eric bogle

This song was written for Eric's mother in April 1971 after she had come
to say goodbye at the Railway Station when I emigrated to Australia.
She was only allowed to come to see me off on the condition that no
tears were shed.  And she was very good, she almost kept her promise,
but broke down just as the train was pulling out of the station.

Eric Bogle Released 1994
Lucio Battisti

This song written by Lucio Battisti with text by Mogol, was recorded by Lucio Battisti and made famous by him in the 1970's.  Lucio Battisti was an influential Italian singer-songwriter and composer.  He is widely recognized for songs that defined the late 1960s and 1970s era of Italian songwriting.

The story goes that a man’s wife has been seen with another man in an embrace. She had the same colour dress and hair.  The wife’s husband is convinced it is not her and say’s she lives for him only.

Lucio Battisti Released January 1969
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