Ivan North  @ Orpington Folk Club  2001 "The White Hart"
Ivan became a regular visitor to the club soon after it moved to the White hart in 1982. Ivan's taste in music is varied.  He has played for a number of morris dance sides, folk and Ceilidh bands.
Ivan is a hoarder of accordions and has many instruments.  He has dabbled in the manufacture of his own accordions made up of several others and tuned to his own specifacation.  The accordion seen below was obtained with another very similar in colour and style but is a button accordion both were obtained in 1998 when on a trip to Italy.
Beltuna 96 (deep helikon bass) , 3 treblle reeds with musette tuning


From Castel Fidardo Italy Manufactured by Beltuna and made in Castel Fidardo Italy.  It has 96 (deep Helikon bass) and 3 treble reeds with musette tuning.(1998)

Zero Zette 120 bass, free bass accordion

Zero Zette

120 bass piano accordion with Free Bass.  This turns 4 rows of the left hand buttons into single notes, turning the left hand into a four row continental chromatic accordion. This is used especially to play classical music.



4 row C system 120 bass button accordion manufactured by the French Maugein company.  I tried to convert it to the Reuther uniform keyboard.  This necessitated rearranging the reeds and adding a row of reeds so that the first and third rows were the same.  Unfortunately the instrument being old was too heavy and too cumbersome and the project was abandoned.

Ivan (2007)

Ivan North photo for accordion Magazine


FR7 accordion


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