(2004 - 2008)
Brian Bruce @ Orpington Folk Club 'Anglesea Arms' 2004

Brian's first brush with music was playing the drums as a teenager in the late fifties. He joined the army later as a teenage recruit and after training was posted to Dortmund.  Although not a member of the Royal Artillery Band, he became a vocalist for them and sung at many gigs.  Brian took up the guitar during the mid seventies after a suggestion from a friend. That friend was the late great Doug Porter. Sadly missed by those that saw him perform, Brian comments, "He was brill".  Brian soon built up a reputation on the folk  scene in Germany where he performed with Derek Brimstone (who he calls dad).  He formed a friendship with Derek Moffatt of the McCalmans they played golf together when ever he was in town on a gig.  While in Germany Brian, was able to support some of the best acts around; Harvey Andrews, Graham Cooper, Jackie Bridie, who he stood in for when they were late for a gig at Dertmold. Gary and Vera Aspey, the Incredible String Band, the late Jake Thackery and many more.  At this time Brian formed a duo with a friend and fellow member of the forces, Mike Mooney.  They spent the next few years going out as Mike & Brian. Later they took on a third member, Rachel Tiller and became 'Hattrick'. Brian and Mike won the coveted Forces Folk Competition in 1981, beating some very good acts. In 1982 the trio disbanded, as the were all posted to different parts. Brian played  solo for a while in Lancashire and finally gave up performing in 1985.

Some fifteen years later in 2000 he began playing again and started going to the 'Tudor Barn Folk Club'.  There he met the 'Folk Mob' and Terry Wright who introduced him to 'Talylor Guitars' which he now has three of, pictured  below.  As luck would have it he has also met up with Mike Mooney again.  They now play together occasionally as 'Coopers Hoop'.  Brian joined 'Orpington Folk Club' in June 2001 and soon became a favoured  floor singer by the members.  In 2004 he began helping out organising and booking the guests  for the club.  He took over this job and become a resident singer/musician and valued club member. Sadly Brian died in the early hours of Tuesday 28th October 2008.  He will  be greatly missed.

Gibson December 2005
Taylor 614CE
Taylor 914CE

Mick Woods recently posted a short video of Brian Bruce who was aresident at the club and died in October 2008 and is sadly missed.

Brian Bruce : Video...

6th March 2014

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