Down at the Orpington Folk Club 1999
Down at Orpington folk club, every Thursday night
The scratch band's always scratching and everyone gets tight
There's Ivan with his trousers down with Mary Martindale
Keith sings Japs and English, we've new Zealanders as well
But the landlord calls last orders and to avoid his wrath
Ted yells out discreetly.... It's time to all p... Off
Now Steve’s a very quiet chap we know he's very shy
That's why he plays his music before we all arrive
Charlie plays the trumpet and the pipes of Anne do play
Dawn provides the crumpet when Cold Tea starts to play
Don sings songs of Sweeney Todd with a twinkle in his eye
The audience is hoping he'll end up in Sweeney’s pies
Scottish pam was plastered from her thighbone to her heel
She likes a dram on Thursday night and does the highland reel
Russ takes your money at the door to pay the nights artiste
Simon plays the classics but never Brahms and Liste
When Pam and Paul get up to play their not quite up to par
The audience has disappeared you'll find them in the bar
There's just two things to eat there and Tracy sings of those
There's chicken on a raft me boys and Alabama rolls
Triality are always there we love to hear them play
You can join them in the chorus when they're half a mile away
Pam & Paul Button 4/04/1999
Orpington Folk Club
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