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Orpington folk club finds a new home!!

25th February 2005
reviewed 4th March 2005
reviewed 11th January 2010

The owner and landlord Pete, Margaret of the Change of Horses, Farnborough High
Street, Orpington, have said that we can use the pub restaurant and annex to the bar to hold our

We have several fill-in guests and singers leading up to our grand opening on 7th April. This is to
enable us to advertise the club for a good start. Starting next Thursday 3rd March 2005 with:
TRIALITY. Based in the south east Triality have been wowing audiences for 20 years, with their
own unique style of folk. Not to be missed.


Grand Official Opening Night

We open on 7th April 2005 with: RON TRUEMAN-BORDER.
Popular singer/musician/songwriter and supporter of the OFC.

Please, please do come along and support the club and give us a good start at our new venue.
We can't make it work without you.

For those that do like their real ale the Change of Horses serve two guest beers
Harveys, Speckled Hen and Courage best.

More News

Brian Bruce has taken on the roll of booking guests and will also be a resident musician/singer.
Previously Ivan was doing this job a demanding and difficult roll. He has decided to let someone
else take on the task so that he can devote more time to his children.

We take this opportunity to thank him for all his hard work on behalf of the club. Ivan is to stay
resident singer/musician and treasurer of the club.

6th February 2005

As from Thursday 16th December 2004 we will not be meeting at the Anglesea Arms

A venue has been found at the Change of Horses, Farnborough High Street, Orpington.
However the Change of Horses has just changed hands to a new owner and landlord. They are
considering the use of the restaurant on Thursday evenings for evening meals. We are awaiting
confirmation from the owner and the landlord as to whether they will be requiring the restaurant on
Thursday evenings. Subject to their requirement, hopefully the room will be available most
Thursdays, with occasional use of an off shoot of the bar area.

7th January 2005

Orpington Folk Club let down at the last minute

6th January was to be our first night at the 'Beechtree', St Mary Cray. At the last minute the
landlord changed his mind about us using their function room. Unfortunately we had already printed
700 handouts.