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Brian Cole

Brian Cole

We have some sad news to report, Brian Cole died on Wednesday morning 14th December 2011.

Some of you may know that Brian was a founding member of Mable Joy and East of Edenbridge also resident singer/ musician at Orpington Folk Club in its early days.  He kept his love for music all his life. He was also resident musician/singer with Bob Woollett at the Bromley and Pheonix club (Green Street Green) and many other clubs run by Maddy Britton and Mike.

Brian later moved to Ireland where he had lived since.  Because the funeral is to be held in Ireland on Monday 19th it is unlikey that there will be many from these parts attending, so it is intended that Orpington Folk Club, hold "A Toast to Brian Evening", early in 2012.  Those who new Brian and would like to pay their respects to Brian would be welcome to come along, sing a song that Brian would have sung, like to hear or just listen.

The organisers, residents and members of Orpington Folk Club send their best wishes and condolences to Brian's wife Kate and daughters Sarah and Anna.


Tribute to Brian Cole Night
February 9th 2012

Everyone is welcome (Including those who did not know Brian) to come along and say their goodbyes in their own way with a song, poem or just to listen.  John Russell, one of Brian's best friends, will be hosting the evening.  It is expected that the night will be broken up into time slots of around 10 minutes each so that as many people as possible can get a chance to take part.  If you wish to perform then please let us know, via e-mail or phone.  The address can be found in the main index.

During the evening there will be a collection in aide of Brian's favourite charity the RSPB.

Don't forget to include what you intend to do, so as to avoid repetition.   Hope to see you on the night.


Below is a list of performers so far : Your Host : John Russell
Ross Barlow
"Early Morning Rain" and John Prine's "Hello in There"
Pam & Paul Button
"La Freeway", "Waly Waly" and "The Rose"
Ted Handley & Ivan North
"The Maritime Medley" and
Doug Field
"Song for Mira"
Rick Christian
Mike Broomfield
Love Song, (Lesley Duncan), and Find Me, (David Gates)
Dave Plane
"The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me" and "Poisening Pigeons in the Park"
Russ Burton & Ivan North
"Noah's Ark" and "Five Foot Flirt"
Poem : "Train to Rye"
Steve & Anne
"Silver Coin" (T Hiscock) and "Old Joe" (Alan Taylor)
Dave Plane
To Lead the throng at the end of the evening "Irene Goodnight"

Email from John Russell after the event 24th February 2012
Dear All,
I just wanted to say thank you for making Thursday 23 February 2012 such a memorable evening. It exceeded my hopes and expectations - you were all brilliant, and I know that Sarah really appreciated it. (Steve - perhaps you could forward this to Ted, Anne, Dave Plane, DougField and Rick Christian, whose addresses I don't have.)
There was, in fact, nearly £93 in the pot, and I have sent the RSPB a cheque today - see attached letter. 
(Not attached to this post).
Ann, my wife, took many pictures, so if you'd like them on DVD let me know your address and I'll get them to you.
All the best,
John Russell.

Below are some of the Condolences and thoughts sent by Brian's many friends.

Hi Steve, Ivan, Ted, Anne and All,

I have just heard to terrible news that Brian Cole has just died.

As you know he was a resident at OFC (with Brian Chalker - Mayor of Bath) in the early seventies and a regular performer, as himself, with Mabel Joy and with East of Edenbridge.

I had been in regular contact with Brian and only just received a Christmas card from him and Kate yesterday. I do not know the circumstances of his death as yet, but know that I, and Orpington Folk Club have lost a good friend.


Ross barlow.


I visited Brian and Kate in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, for a short holiday in 2007, and I think there was always an idea that we might play together again one day, so it would be an honour to take part in the proposed tribute at OFC, whenever that takes place.
John Russell
Compliments of the Season to all.
I attended Brian's funeral on 19th December, having heard the sad news from Russ four days earlier.  I first met Brian in 1967 when we played together briefly in an Orpington-based beat/pop/rock band called Group Nouveau. Bob Woollett was on bass, I played drums, and Brian came in to replace the departed rythmn guitarist.  Brian returned to the Folk scene, and I left these parts for Southampton to train as a cartographer with the Ordnance Survey.
Our paths crossed again in the early 70's when I first attended Orpington Folk Club at the Royal Oak and, in 1973, Brian asked me to join Mabel Joy on bass, replacing Bob as it happened.  I left the band in 1977 to pursue more traditional music with Pete Smith, Dick Goodchild and Andy Melmore in Chameleon.
Brian and I remained friends and, in 1988, he, Angela Wood and I became East of Edenbridge, joined shortly after by Chris Adams. In 1992, I was made redundant, and left East of Edenbridge to replace Bill Wyman in the Rolling Stones - well, that was the idea but I never found out when they were auditioning! East of Edenbridge petered out, but we had a one-off reunion at the Phoenix Club in Green St Green in 1997, when the comet Hale Bop (?) was in the sky.

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