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Bob Kenward night has been rescheduled for 22nd March - See below -
Bob kenwood (Cancelled)
Singers & Musicians Night
This is also Maundy Thursday, when people typically go away.  But we’ll be here!
Rick Christian
Rick Christian @ orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2014

Popular singer – songwriter, Rick comes from Essex.  Over the years Rick has appeared on numerous radio stations throughout Britain, as well as receiving airplay in Canada, the USA, and Belgium.  His repertoire includes songs by other writers as well as his own material, and he enjoys the intimacy of folk clubs.  He has recorded several albums.

Rick Christian  More...

Also appearing tonight are Steve Shorey & John Cunningham, they will be doing a floor spot and Steve Shorey will be performing a few numbers with Rick. A bumper night.  Don't miss it...

Bob Kenward
Bob Kenward @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2014
Bob is a singer and songwriter and specialises in Kent as a subject.  A regular visitor to the club, his warm and engaging personality is sure to charm his audience.
Singers & Musicians Night (Maunday Thursday)
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song