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The Watergrain Band
Watergrain Band
The Watergrain Band is a touring three piece comprising Ben Paley, Pip Ives and Geoff Sandiford together with songwriter Martin Young.  Inspired by Martin’s solo album “Watergrain”, the band brings to life their take on matters modern and old.  “We are not about protest songs”, says Martin, “others are doing that, there are some political songs and some traditional but we don’t do songs to be populist or to make a cheap point.  In the modern world of the internet we are more open to the views of others than ever, these songs are intended to reflect the perceptions of the world and the attitudes of the day chronicling a moment in time.”
Singers & Musicians Night
If you've got a new song and want to try it out on an appreciative audience, then tonight’s the night.
Bob Kenward
Bob Kenward @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2016
Bob has over 30 years experience in writing and performing his own songs to audiences across the South-East.  He takes local news and makes new songs which are sung by many other acts.  He is also very, very entertaining!
Singers & Musicians Night
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