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Re: Mike Nicholson (Sue Hudson & Ian Petrie)

Unfortunately Mike will not be able to perform this Thursday at the club.  Barbara, Mikes wife, phoned today to give us the bad news that Mike is suffering from bronchitis and is unable to sing.  we are all very sorry to hear this and hope he gets back to normal soon.

In his stead we have manage to persuade Sue Hudson and Ian Petrie to step in and entertain us for the night.  Our apologies to all who were hoping to see Mike, we will arrange another date for him in the near future.

Steve, Ivan, Ted & Anne.

Sue Hudson & Ian Petrie 2014 & 2015

Sue & Ian, hot foot from their tour of Rochester Folk Festival are here tonight to entertain us at very short notice.

Sue is a Kent based singer / guitarist being a fine singer with a long established pedigree.  Originally in the duo Tundra.

Ian we all know well as a fine singer and stalwart of the folk scene.

Below a message from Barbara Mike's wife:

"Hello Orpington Folk Club,
Unfortunately yesterday Michael went down with a sudden and very unexpected bout of bronchitis and he can’t sing well enough to do a gig.  So it’s with sincere apologies to everyone at the OFC he has to cancel his gig tomorrow.  In all his long singing career it’s the first time he’s ever had to cancel.  So sorry, best regards, Barbara".

Mike Nicholson

Mike has been involved in the folk music scene since 1989 combining traditional songs with contemporary material.  His voice is described as a rich, velvety yet strong bass baritone.
He has several CDs to his credit and is already booked at a number of festivals in 2016 – including Broadstairs.

Mike Nicholson More...

Hartley Morris & Singers & Musicians Night
Hartley Morris @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2014
This is always a good event.   First we have a singers night (normally in the restaurant), then Hartley arrive and dance outside.
Their singing group then takes over in the main bar to finish the evening off in fine style.
Ron Trueman-Border
Ron Trueman-Border @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2014
Ron Trueman-Border is probably the most prolific songwriter on the acoustic folk scene.  He is also one of the busiest – performing all over the country.  His songs are accessible with easily learned choruses.  Many are being covered by other musicians.
Singers & Musicians Night
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