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John Cunningham & Steve Shorey

John is a singer – songwriter who has been on the scene for many years.  Each of his songs is unique, personal and thought provoking.  He also has a great rapport with audiences.

Steve has also been part of the Kent folk scene since the 1970's and is one of the most highly regarded guitar players around.  He has always been a great admirer of John's songs and for 2016 they also added some carefully chosen material by other artists.

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Singers & Musicians Night
Popular night for those wanting to entertain us, your night to shine or just listen.
Richard Grainger

Richard is a guitarist, singer and songwriter.  He comes from the north east and lives in a small moorland village in North Yorkshire.  Richard has been performing on the folk scene for many years and his songs have achieved wide recognition.  He has a clear and captivating vocal style and his CDs have received much critical acclaim.

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(Maunday Thursday) Vintage Cru
Vintage Cru 2015

This is a four piece featuring accordion, fiddle and guitars.  They sing ‘popular folk’ and their material ranges from Burl Ives to Bob Dylan by way of Lonnie Donegan and The Seekers.  On this Maundy Thursday why not break with the old habit of staying in and come along for a great night out?

Free entry tonight but there will be a collection during the evening.

Allan Richardson
Allan Richardson @ orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2015"the dark girl dressed in blue", Allan Richardson CD Cover 2015

Allan sings his own highly entertaining songs and plays a mean guitar.  His style mixes folk and jazz and his songs are reminiscent of musical cabaret acts like Instant Sunshine and Flanders and Swann.

Allan's latest CD "the dark girl dressed in blue" will be available on the night.  You can email Allan at this address;

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YouTube Video : Let the Music Take Me...  The Friend...  Bluewater Valentines...  Hatfield...  The Spring...

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