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Tonights guests will be starting their first set earlier than normal at 8:15pm which means they will be starting there second set earlier.  This is because two of the guests are awaiting a happy event and will need to be at Orpington Station before 10:50pm to catch their train.  To achieve this they will need to finish their second set by 10:30pm.  The evening will carry on after their set until 11:00pm for those who wish to remain and enjoy more music provided by the Scratch band and other support.

For this night only the club will start at 7:45pm.

We hope this doesn't upset your plans for the evening and still able to come and support the club
and Long Lankin. Us @ OFC.

Long Lankin

Long Lankin are four female singer / instrumentalists.  Their close harmony singing and intricate and thoughtful arrangements of songs and tunes from the English, Scottish, Scandinavian and American folk tradition coupled with their instrumental playing on fiddle, guitar, whistle, concertina and shaky things promises an outstanding evening.  Remember you saw them here first!

Tanya Jackson – guitar, vocals, Bulgarian tambura, Marion Gray – fiddle, vocals and Caroline Regan – concertina, tin whistle, vocals.

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Singers & Musicians Night
Singers nights are great to practice your new material and discover new music and make friends, it’s a fun evening.
Why not tryt it.
Ian Petrie (Unrepentent)
Ian Petrie @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2015
What can be said that his legions of devoted fans don’t already know?   He’s a singer, guitarist and songwriter and he excels at all three.   The only question is who will join him on the night?
Singers & Musicians Night
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