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Tim Broadbent
Tim Broadbent @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2014

Tim is a singer guitarist who originally hails from Brighton and was a regular on the Brighton scene for many years.  He plays folk, country and blues. Tim now lives in France and will be here tonight just for us. Last year Tim teamed up with fiddler - Christian Fromentin.  They were brilliant. Both were meant to appear tonight but Christian was unable to come due to other commitments but it will still be brilliant.

Singers & Musicians Night
All performers are made welcome, and listeners besides, at our popular Open House sessions.  The more the merrier, so do come along.
Jody Kruskal
Jody KruskalJody comes from New York City, sings vintage American songs and plays tunes on the Anglo concertina. He offers a warm and engaging solo presentation of traditional and popular songs from yesteryear. These range from witty and humorous ditties to songs that explore the depths of the human condition. Jody often plays in bands at local New York contra dances and has also played extensively for morris and sword teams. This is the last gig of his solo November tour.
Singers & Musicians Night
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