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Half CrownStreet (Trio)
Half CrownStreet
Halfcrownstreet is a three-piece group playing songs and instrumentals in the folk idiom on a range of acoustic instruments, including melodeon, guitar, saxophone, bagpipes, desk bells and recorders.  Simon Haines and Val Woollard are joined by Phil Lyons, an accomplished singer-guitarist in his own right.  All three members of the group sing and some of their songs have catchy choruses.
Singers & Musicians Night
While not a paid gig, playing on singers nights is great experience for those starting out.
Hard Pressed
Hard Pressed, Liz Randal - Derek Seed - Roger Resch

Hard Pressed are Derek Seed (vocals), Roger Resch (vocals & accordion) & Liz Randall (vocals, accordion & whistle).  They perform all manner of sea songs including shanties, but also more reflective songs, from both the tradition and contemporary sources.  Most offer great opportunities for audience participation, with refrains, choruses and harmonies.

Hard Pressed, are running a maritime festival from 4th to 7th in April.  The title is The Sovereign Seas Maritime Folk :

Singers & Musicians Night
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song