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Phil Burchell & Karen Ritson
Phil Burchel & Karen Ritson @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2011

Phil is back to play his brand of carefully selected contemporary songs.  This is a new line up and will feature Karen Ritson and guest musicians from other bands.
Singers & Musicians Night (To be held in the bar) PA
Singers nights are a popular part of the club's program with all types of acoustic folk music and songs performed. This is the chance for SOLO or GROUPS of singer musicians to come and showcase their talent.
Maggy Sands & Serpentyne (Formerly Sandragon)
Maggie Sand’s band mix medieval songs and dance tunes with world rhythms, creating an exciting and magical atmosphere using instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, citole, harmonium and pipes.  They have played at numerous festivals and this promises to be a very interesting evening.

While recording their second CD in 2009-10, Maggie & Mark, founding members of the group, changed the band name to reflect their change in musical style.   "When we started", Maggie said, "It was just Mark and I playing folk music, then we began to incorporate more and more early music in our repertoire, as we both have always loved this music as well".  Since most of their gigs these days are in non-folk venues, they thought it best to change their identity to reflect the band's change of style. They still play some of the folkier material (which they don't want to stop playing!) when performing at folk clubs, however they also find that audiences are enthusiastic for the mediaeval and other early music songs and tunes.  (This is music that no-one else on the current folk circuit seems to be doing).PA
Singers & Musicians Night
Paul steele
Paul & Lawrence Steele @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2011
Paul is a passionate singer / guitarist.   Among his influences are Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Dave Ellis.  On this occasion he will be joined by his son Lawrence who plays a very nice line in lead guitar. PA
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