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Moveable Feast
Moveable Feast @ Orpoington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2011

Moveable Feast is a dynamic and versatile band playing in a wide variety of styles (including Fifties to Now Pop and Rock, Latin, Funk and Reggae).  The band is a typical ‘moveable fest’ with a variable line up that may incorporate guitars, fiddle, bass, mandolin and flute.  The leader Mitch Feral is a fine songwriter whose songs have been described as urban ballads.

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Singers & Musicians Night
International Men of Mystery & Ben Little
Ben Little & International Men of Mystery @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2011

Ben is a young upcoming guitarist who's brilliant playing is rooted in the blues and contemporary songs.  He has performed in the BBC Young Folk Musician Programme.

The International Men of Mystery play mostly instrumental music with an international flavour from Celtic to Latin.  They produce an almost orchestral sound at times by blending the the nylon strings of Bernie Sullivan's classical guitar with the haunting steel strings of the Hammered Dulcimer and reeds of the Hand Harmonium, played by Stephen Dulcidelic.  Including a 3rd Mystery member.

 Black thorn Folk Music & Ceilidh Band @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2011
An Irish, Scottish and English Ceilidh and Folk song band.  They play lively, melodic Celtic tunes and good singalongs.   All the band are multi instrumentalists, and the music is led by strong flute, whistle and fiddle melodies, backed by guitar and bouzouki rhythms and contrasted with the sounds of concertina and their many other instruments.
Singers & Musicians Night
Orpington Folk Club
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