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Paul is a passionate singer / guitarist. Among his influences are Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Dave Ellis.  On occasions he is joined by his son Lawrence who plays a nice line in lead guitar.

Robin Slater will be the MC for the night. Robin is our most rescent resident singer musician at the club.

11th SINGERS & MUSICIANS NIGHT (Open Mike in the Bar)

The Chinese New Year is Sunday 14th February 2010
which is also known by its formal name of Geng Yin

1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

Chinese New Year begins according to the Chinese calendar which consists of both Gregorian and lunar-solar calendar systems. Because the track of the new moon changes from year to year, Chinese New Year can begin anytime between late January and mid-February.
Sunday 14th February 2010 is the year of the Tiger.

Famous people born in the Year of the Tiger :  Emily Bronte, Sheryl Crow,
Tom Cruise, Emily Dickinson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jay Leno, Karl Marx, Marilyn Monroe, Marco Polo, Beatrix Potter, Queen Elizabeth II.

New Year Graphics from Yangliuqing

Each new year, people will decorate their homes with many New Year Graphics; the best of which are from the small town called Yangliuqing.  Yanliuqing paintings were first produced between 1573 and 1620.


Another opportunity to say Happy New Year


Maggie Sands & Sandragon


Maggie's specialism is to blend English traditional songs with medieval and renaissance-era music.

She is joined by musicians Mark Powell, Malcolm Bennett and Anthar Kharana who collectively play hurdy gurdy, recorders, crumhorns, flute, harmonium, mandola, cittern, guitar, bouzouki and percussion. Together they produce a stylish and entertaining sound.

Maggie Sand & Sandragon's latest CD 'Susie Fair'

Robin Slater will be the MC for the night.  Robin is our most rescent resident singer musician at the club.


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