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Dave Arthur & Dan Stewart
Dave Arthur & Dan Stewart @ orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2009

As well as being a researcher, collector, writer and broadcaster, Dave performs English and Appalachian Old Time songs, ballads, and instrumental music on 5-string banjo, guitar, melodeon, and whistle.  He is joined by Dan (who started out playing recorder and guitar when he was seven).  He now plays guitar and banjo.

Dave Arthur : (banjo, guitar, melodeon, vocals) Dan Stewart : (guitar, banjo) perform British, Irish, and Appalachian Old Time music a joyous, foot-tapping and, at times, sensitive and moving Anglo-Appalachian experience.  No one goes away from a from their performance without a smile on their face, a skip in their step, and warmth in their heart

Singers & Musicians Night (To be held in the Bar) Shure Microphone 55SH
Great times are to be had on singers nights.  Why not come along and give it a try.  Perhaps sing a song yourself.
Geoff Higginbottom
Geoff Higginbottom  @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2009

Geoff is a big man with a big voice.  He plays six and twelve string guitars, bodhran and Appalachian dulcimer as well as singing unaccompanied.  He performs traditional and contemporary songs on a wide range of subjects and from a variety of sources.  Geoff can always be relied upon for a great evening's entertainment.

Geoff has been performing at folk venues since the late 1970's and in that time has built up a huge repertoire of songs and a vast amount of experience.  Geoff sings traditional, contemporary and self-penned songs either unaccompanied or with guitar or bodhran and has a particular passion for sea shanties and rousing chorus songs.  Geoff 's tours have taken him to all parts o f the British Isles with festival and club appearances from the Channel Islands to the North of Scotland and from Lowestoft to North Wales.

His solo work has been augmented with a couple of interesting musical alliances, namely :

The Phatt B'Stards
with : George Wilson a crazy mix of folk songs, humour and rock and roll from the brothers luan and Fredo.

Three Sheets to the Wind
with : Keith Kendrick and Derek Gifford sea songs with carefully crafted harmonies either unaccompanied or with guitar, bodhran and concertina(but not bowed psaltery).

Singers & Musicians Night (To be held in the Bar) Shure Microphone 55SH
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