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Singers & Musicians Night
Singers nights are a popular part of the club's program with all types of acoustic folk music and songs performed.  This is the chance for SOLO or GROUPS of singer musicians to come and showcase their talent.
Ian Petrie
In Petrie @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2009

The big man with the big voice is back for  a solo gig.  Selecting the best of contemporary songs - along with the odd trad number, he performs with passion.  Might even see some electronic auto  harp!

A solo performance from a fine singer and musician, guaranteed to lift your spirits. T'will be a great evening of old and loved songs to new ones in Ian's vast repertoire.

Singers & Musicians Night With the Kittiwakes

Kittiwakes are Kate Denny, voice, violin.  Chris Harrison, accordion and  Jill Cumberbatch, violin, mandolin, banjo. They perform folk style songs.  This is an extended floor spot by this up and coming trio.

Singers & Musicians Night With hartley Morris Singers & Musicians night with PA
Hartley Morris @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2008
A singers night in the bar then Hartley will dance outside and take over with their chorus singing.
Wonder if they'll need a PA?
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