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Ron trueman-Border
Ron Trueman-Border @ orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2008
One of the most prolific singer-songwriters on the scene.  He's been around a number of years and like vintage wine he just gets better and better.
Singers & Musicians Night & Hartley Morris
Hartley Morris Men

Tonight Hartley Morris will be dancing out side the Change of Horses @ around 9:30pm, and at the same time the OFC will have a regular singers night. Later on Hartley will take over and give voice in the club room.

Hartley Morris make donations from thier collections to; Kent Air Ambulance, Vintage Bus Preservation clubNational Trust, Folk in Kent and the Police Benevolent Fund.

Galliard @ orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2008

Dave Reay is a stunning guitarist and his wife Gay vocalises on a blend of jazz, blues and contemporary material.   This talented duo are well known on the Kent scene.

"...unique blend of acoustic jazz/folk. Dave Reay is a stunning guitarist and arranger while his wife Gay's silky voice effortlessly glides over the repertoire of (mainly) standards from the last 50 years"

Twickenham F.C.

Singers & Musicians Night
Singers nights are a popular part of the club's program with all types of acoustic folk music and songs performed.  This is the chance for SOLO or GROUPS of singer musicians to come and showcase their talent.
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song