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Please note the change in running order for this month

Unfortunately the Phil Burchell Band is unable to be with us tonight owing to Phil being unwell.  The organisers and members of the club wish Phil a speedy recovery and hope to organise another date for the band.

Ron Trueman-Border

Another regular guest at OFC. He must be by now one of the folk scene's premiere singer- songwriters.  His thoughtful lyrics and powerful delivery combine to give the listener an emotive experience.

Ron known for his energetic style of performing.  Tonight is a solo performance that will no doubt involve as many musicians and singers as possible.Ron Trueman-Border @ Friday Folk, the Liberal Club 2007

Ron Trueman-Border has been a musician in various guises since a very early age.  He has his roots in rhythm and blues and has collaborated with many bands and musicians.

Ron has gained a reputation as one of the folk and acoustic scenes most prolific songwriters, writing beautifully crafted songs that will lift you in one minute and get you thinking deeply the next.

Singers & Musicians Night
Loosly arranged evenings to enable anyone to perform.  So all you have to do is turn up early and get your name down to sing/perform.
Landermason are Fiona Lander (vocals, piano, whistles and saxophones) and Paul Mason (vocals and guitars). They started writing and recording songs together in 2000 and have produced several CD's. Their latest is due to be launched in June.Landermason (duo) @ Orpington Folk Club, the Change of Horses 2007
Fiona and Paul started writing and recording songs together in 2000. Fiona (vocals, piano, whistles and saxophones) and Paul (vocals and guitars) have developed a unique sound displaying their undoubted talents as musicians.  They also show the ability to draw influences from a number of styles and then create something new that defies rigid definition.
Singers & Musicians Night
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