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Singers Nights During August
During August this year. Some of us will be unable to get to a festival or holiday at this time.  As last year we have arranged five singer/musician nights during the month.  So if your suffering from withdrawal symptoms because your usual venue is closed then why not come along to the OFC and perform for us.  Below is a list of the hosts for the evenings.
Steve & Anne
Offer a warm welcome to visiting performers.  Give it a go!
Brian & Steve
Hopefully they'll be trying out new material.  Will you?
Brian & Friends
Who knows who he'll bring?  Should be interesting.
Brian Hopper & Friends

Jazz-influenced, acoustic, soul-based folk rock.  Simon's songs are 'telling new stories through new songs with a craftsman's eye and a poet's fist'.

Simon Hopper band will be performing for a large part of the evening interspersed with other singers and musicians.

Simon Hopper Band: More...

Teddy & Freddie
Ted handley & Ivan North, team up for the evening.  Accordions are go!  This will be a lively night! 
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