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Geoff Higginbottom
Geoff Higginbottom @ Orpington Folk Club "Anglesea Arms" 2003

From the north on his regular visit to the area. Geoff is a fine singer with a strong voice and energetic entertainer.  One of the Folk Scenes most hard-working performers no going to sleep when he's on.

After eight years on the folk scene Geoff Higginbottom took the plunge in September 1986 and decided to turn full time.  Geoff plays six and Twelve string guitar, bodhran and appalachian dulcimer as well as singing unaccompanied.

Geoff plays 6 and 12 string guitar, bodhran and Applachian dulcimer as well as singing unaccompanied.  He performs traditional and contemporary songs on a wide range of subjects and from a variety of sources.  Geoff's powerful and distinctive voice makes a welcome visit to Fleet.

A welcome return to a Big Voice. Big Songs.  Assisted by Guitar or just voice alone.  Brings a wealth of stories, observations and good chorus song.

Bring your voices with you to this one!!!!

Dave Ellis & Boo Howard
Dave Ellis & Boo Howard @ Orpington folk club "Change of Horses" 2005
Welcome return for this excellent duo.  Dave provides the sensitive accompaniment for Boo's outstanding vocals.
Singers & Musicians Night
An easy-going open evening for listeners and players, all are welcome.
Phil Burchell Band
Phill Burchell Band @ Orpington fol club, theChange of Horses 2005
Another of our regulars.  Their varied repertoire ensures a strong local following.
Singers & Musicians Night
Many famous performers have gotten their start performing at an open mic/singers night, including Ralph McTell who used to perform at The Orpington Folk Club and other local venues.
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