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Derek Brimstone

Unfortunately derek is unwell and not able to perform tonight
we wish derek well and a speedy recovery.

Doug Hudson
Luckily doug hudson has agreed to appear in derek's place. He will be hot-footing it back from france.  Just for us.

Derek Brimstone @ orpington folk Club, the Change of Horses

'Brimmie' or Dad (as he is known to Brian Bruce) has been giving club audiences around the world a night to remember for many years.

Much of Derek Brimstone's popularity stems from his exceptional ability to cover such a broad spectrum of music and entertainment.

Spanning blues, traditional, contemporary and much in between, his entire show is linked together with tall stories, fast one-liners; tragic tales of misfortune and an array of extraordinary characters that find themselves in everyday situations which Brimstone brings to life, turns around and finds humour in them all.

His shows have a huge entertaiment factor which often causes the audience to overlook the fact that Derek is also a superb and highly respected guitarist.

Graham Cooper
Graham Cooper @ orpington folk Club, the Change of Horses
Graham Cooper, erstwhile co writer and performer with Harvey Andrews and others, has been living in The Algarve, Portugal, since April 2000.  He originally meant to retire, sit on the back porch and sip red wine.  Nothing could be further from the truth
Singers & Musicians Night
Why not try out that song you've been working on, tonights just the time to do it.  A welcome awaits you.
Singers & Musicians Night

If you've got a new song and want to try it out on an appreciative audience, then tonight’s the night.

Orpington Folk Club
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