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Singers & Musicians Night


Ian Petrie

A performance from one of our most frequent guests.  Traditional, country and contemporary folk.

Featuring : Ian Petrie, Vince Herbert, Steve Shorey, Ted Handley and Cliff Bayliss.

Singers & Musicians Night
If you've got a new song and want to try it out on an appreciative audience, then tonight’s the night.
Liz Simcock
Liz Simcock @ Orpington Folk Club 'Anglesea Arms' 2004
Thoughtful and enigmatic singer songwriter, back on her annual visit.  Not to be missed.
Liz Simcock CD "Vanishing Girl"

"Vanishing Girl"

12 previously unreleased tracks.
Produced by Dave Ellis and Liz Simcock.
With :

Warwick Jones
Ian Newman
Pete Abernethy
Bob Wood.

Singers & Musicians Night
One last fling at the end of the year, lets make it a good one.... Same time, same channel....
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