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Laughing Chairs
Laughing Chairs CD "Laughing Chairs" Chris Amos & Graham Pike @ Orpington Folk Club 2004

Traditionally based duo, Harmonica, guitar and voice.

Graham Pike - Harmonica & Vox, Piano, Trumpet & Percussion

Composer & Producer for TV, Theatre and not to mention musical director for dozens of productions some of which you may have seen.

"Out of this World"
"Crimewatch File"
"The Fish Course"
"The Tweenies"

"Sunday East"
"Fun Song Factory"

Chris Amos - Guitars, Dulcimer, Autoharp & Vox Chris has appeared for many years at various venues throughout the folk circuit, recently in a duo called Anahata & Amos.

Over the years he has played in many bands of various kinds ranging from folk & blues to psychedelic rock.  The early Folk Song collectors, Vaughan Williams, Percy Granger etc, made their own music based on the songs they collected.  While not pretending to be in their league he is now interested in what can be developed by the fusion of traditional music with modern recording techniques.

Singers & Musicians Night
On singer’s nights we extend a warm welcome to all, whether as performers or just to relax and enjoy the music. 
Jeanne & Phil Revnell
Jeanne & Phil Revnell @ orpington Folk Club 2004

Jeanne (vocal) and Phil Revnell (guitar and allegedly vocal) have been Residents at Croydon Folk Club for nearly 20 years, and have been singing together for twice that long.
Never overestimating their musical abilities, their style has remained simple and approachable, with plenty of opportunity for audience participation.  The strength of the act is Jeanne's voice, which has brought pleasure to many throughout the years.

They hale originally from South East London, an area sadly lacking in traditional folk song material (Not many skylarks and ploughboys in Catford!). Encouraged by John Foreman, they turned their attention to the Music Hall, and their presentation is now peppered by Music Hall songs, both well known and neglected.  They draw their material from a wide range of sources, both traditional and written, believing that the Folk Movement should not be hampered by unnecessary restrictions, but never straying too far from their roots.

Singers & Musicians Night
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