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A happy new year to all our members and guests.
We start the year with two great guests you just can't miss.....

Closed... Recovering From Hangovers!
Due to poor public transport, deadly hangovers and early closing of the Anglesea ie: 10.30pm it was decided not open tonight.  We hope this has not disapointed any of our regulars and visitors.
Derek Brimstone
Derek Brimstone @ Orpington Folk Club 2004
Cockney raconteur.  He might even sing the odd song!
Derek Brimstone CD @ orpington Folk Club 2004

"All Those Songs"

Cover design :
Kayleigh Brimson (age 10)

01. Wing and a Prayer
02. Fairy Tale Lullaby
03. Guitar Shuffle
04. Joke
05. The River
06. Banjo Medly: Eight more miles/Sherman's March
07. Mrs Fisher
08. When the Music Starts to Play
09. J'y Resterai
10. Ain't it a Shame
11. San Diego Serenade

"An excellent all round performaer, a great comedian, raconteur and musician"

-Robert Shelton - Sunday Times-

12. To Althea from Prison
13. Banjo Medly: Soldier's Joy/ Mississippi Sawyer
14. All those Songs
15. The Gnome
16. Silver Coin
17. Scarlet Town
18. Wondering and Waiting
19. Civil War Banjo Medly
20. Columbine
21. Bimble's Rag

"One of the unsung GENIUSES of the contemporary folk scene."

-Karl Dallas - Melody Maker-

Singers & Musicians Night
A showcase of local and visiting talent including singers, musicians and poets.
And welcome to the chinese New Year of the Monkey
Chinese New Year of the Monkey @ orpington Folk Club 2004

This is the first day in the Year of the Monkey.
It is Year 4701 by Chinese calendar.

1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016 2028
Gong Xi Fa Cai

Phil Burchell band
Phil Burchell Band @ orpington Folk Club 2004
An eclectic mix of self penned, folk rock and jazz.
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song