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Vicky Tustian & The Dingy Band
Vicky Tustian @ orpington Folk Club 2004

A regular at the Tudor barn With a fantastic voice.

This is Vicky's first visit to Orpington Folk Club, she will be performing with "Coopers Hoop" namely Brian Bruce and Mike Mooney on June 17th.

New CD : "Easy Listening for Beginners"
Recorded with the Boat Band.   The CD has recently gone global with one sale in Tasmania.

Singers & Musicians Night
On Singers nights you’re likely to hear some playing and singing of a very high standard and also some new friends trying out their talents, often hesitantly. 
Jezz Hall
Jezz Hall @ Orpington Folk Club 2004
Jezz Hall is a 30 year Old, Originally from Cambridge but has lived in Nottingham for most of his life.  He offers Pete Morton and Bob Dylan as his guitar hero and 60s Folk as his primary influence. "Through that I got into the Incredible String Band, who were incredibly important to me and they got me not Nick Drake and Pentangle and from their Martin Carthy and Traditional music.  I'm still a big fan of Robin Williamson, I love the mysticism and the spritual side of his writing.  Theres a mystery about every song.
Singers & Musicians Night
The Club also showcases rising new talent, so you often get the opportunity to see the stars of tomorrow here today.
String Whistle

Guitar, Keyboard and whistle. Traditional and popular contemporary folk songs.  In Dave and Rob's own words.  Our live performances are full of fun, energy and witty repartee - in a phrase 'good old fashioned entertainment'.

Dave Rickard @ orpington Folk Club 2004
Dave Rickard
"Spirits of the Past"
Eliza Iza
The Lover's Ghost
Horse's Brawl / Nydd y Gwcw
The Round House Tunes
The Half Door
The Indian Lass
Northern Lass
Goddesses / Parson's Farewell
Hunting the Cutty Wren
Sheig y Drean / The Wren Boys
Spirits of the Past
Rob Mitchel @ orpington Folk Club 2004
Rob Mitchell
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song