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Paul Sirman
Paul Sirman @ Orpington Folk Club 2002
Something for everyone. Sea shanties, traditional and contemporary folk music.  Talented performer.

Discography :

"Ocean Bound" Available as CD (Order No.7/6)

"One for All" Available as Tape (Order No.7/3)

"Santiana" Available as Tape (Order No7/1) and CD (Order No.7/2)

Paul's latest offering on CD
"On Home Ground" Live from Friday Folk Orpington will be available tonight.  Packed with seventeen tracks and lasting a full 65:54 minutes it can't be missed.

Molly Maguires - The Springfield Mining Disater - The Trawling Trade - Fisherman A Long Way From The Sea - Captain Swing - Tolpuddle Man - Where Silence Reigns - Skiffle Medley - Paddy On The Railway - Ye Jacobites By Name - Execution Of Montrose - Lowlands - Sailor Town - World Turned Upside Down - Angel Of Mercy - Mary Allen Careter - Strangest Dream.

Ocean Bound, One for all and Santiana are available from Paul Sirman on the night.

Singers & Musicians Night
If you've got a new song and want to try it out on an appreciative audience, then tonight’s the night.
Phil Burchell Band
Phil Burchell Band @ Orpington Folk Club 2002
An eclectic mix of self penned, folk rock and jazz.
Singers & Musicians Night
A showcase of local and visiting talent including singers, musicians and poets.
Ian Petrie (Solo)
On his own and without the aid of his backing group.  Ian has an incredible repertoire of songs ranging from Dire Straits to Dylan and just about every genre in between.  Don't miss him!
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