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Ron Trueman-Border
Ron Trueman-Border @ orington Folk Club 2002
Talented singer-songwriter.  Hailed as Kent's, nay Britain's most innovative songsmith!
"Now Then"

Ron Trueman-Border
John Scott-Cree

(KM 036 CD)

Two songwriter/performers..........  The well-crafted songs share folk themes......  occasional love song...........even ‘50s Pop formats..........  Dylan or even Status Quo..........  Acoustic instruments predominate..............  Buy it.

New Album


Released 18th September 2002

*Breaking Hearts*Hurting one another*Don't get up*Black-Eyed Sally*Tearing My England Down*Hyenas*Everybody's Looking For Love*Blue As Your Eyes*Anyway*If It Don't Kill Me*Luck Of The Irish*Old Man Of The Sea*Wrong Tree*Chained To The Rails*Good If She Tried*Wounded Knee*Sister Moonlight*Cat 'O' Nine Tails*Million Years*By My Side*
Singers & Musicians Night
Singers Night where anyone can get up and Sing a Song, Play a Tune, Recite a Poem or Tell a Story.
Dangerous Curves
Dangerous Curves @ orpington Folk Club 2002
Anne Rickard Jen Ingersoll Viva Smith
A Welcome Return of this Excellent Trio of Young Ladies!
An intimate evening with three ladies in perfect harmony.  Very entertaining trio of high quality and good fun.  The men taking a back seat tonight.  Save the front row for me!
Singers & Musicians Night
An opportunity to come along and sing or play or just listen.  With both local and visiting performers.
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song