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Geoff Higginbottom
Geoff Higginbottom @ Orpington Folk Club 2002

Geoff has been performing at folk venues since the late 1970's, and in that time has built up a huge repertoire of songs and a vast amount of experience in the art of entertainment.  Geoff sings traditional, contemporary and self-penned songs either unaccompanied or with guitar or bodhran and has a particular passion for sea shanties and rousing chorus songs.

Geoff's tours have taken him to all parts of the British lsles with festival and club appearances from the Channel Islands to the North of Scotland and from Lowestoft to North Wales.  His versatility makes him a much sought after festival performer, where he can perform at concerts, singarounds, ceilidhs, workshops and even entertain the children.

Recently his solo work has been mixed with a couple of interesting musical alliances, namely:

The Phatt B'Stards.

With George Wilson a crazy mix of folk songs, humour and rock and roll from the brothers Juan and Fredo.

Three Sheets to the Wind.

With Keith Kedrick and Derek Gifford sea songs with carefully crafted harmonies either unaccompanied or with guitar, bodhran and concertina
(but not bowed psaltery).


"Songs from the Levenshulme Triangle"
"More than Pounds and Pence"
"Island in the Sun"
"The Flowers of Manchester"
"Live" @ the Gregson Lane

(CD & Cassette)
(CD & Cassette)
(CD & Cassette)
Singers & Musicians Night
Great times are to be had on singers nights.  Why not come along and give it a try.  Perhaps sing a song yourself.
Lost Marble String Band
Lost Marble String Band @ Orpington Folk Club 2002
Fiddle, 5 string banjo and guitar combine together to make a fun, charismatic string band.
And a great evening!
Singers & Musicians Night
An easy-going open evening for listeners and players, all are welcome.
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