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Teddy 'N' Freddie
Teddy 'N' Freddie, Ted Handley & Ivan North @ Orpington Folk Club 2001
Two cuddly lads hiding behind two white accordions.  Really they're quite shy so give them a hug!
Singers & Musicians Night
Both visitors and regulars are welcome to bring their voices and their instruments.  Audience members always welcome too, to enjoy the performers offering.
Monroes Revenge
Monroes Revenge @ Orpington Folk Club 2001
Traditional bluegrass at its best, with guitar, five string banjo, mandolin and double bass.
Paul Sirman
Paul Sirman @ orpington Folk Club 2001

Troubadour/Songster of shanty, traditional and contemporary music.

Discography :
Ocean Bound CD ~ One for All Cassette ~ Santiana CD & Cassette

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