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Welcome to 2001 to all our members and guests.
And for your enjoyment this year a host of fantastic guests.

John Scott-Cree
John Sctott-Cree, Orpington Folk Club.
The one and only infamous "Finn B'stard".  Described as zany and eccentric.
A writer of original humorous songs.

Recordings :

A superfluous man (Flams FCD 002)
Vinyl tour (Flams FC 1070)
Wivabandon Qneezone (Pye NSPL 18598)
His greatest hit (Pye 7N 46083)
Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer
(Pye 7N 46034)

Singers & Musicians Night
A showcase of local and visiting talent including singers, musicians and poets.
Two Phatt B'stards
Geoff Higginbottom & George Wilson, Orpington Folk Club.
Geoff Higginbottom & George Wilson bop and rock. ( some folk music? )  Loud 'N' Proud 'N' Kickin
Year of the Snake
The Year of the Snake 2001, orpington folk Club.

Welcome to the Chinese New Year's Day for the Year of the Snake January 24, 2001.  If you were born on any of these years below then you are a snake.

1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013 2025
Gong Xi Fa Cai

Richard Grainger
Richard Grainger @ Orpington Folk Club.

Silent Spring...Old Whitby Town...Golden Grove/Mallaig Moorings...Northern Town Bay ...Foxhunting Song...Streets of Kings Cross...The Mermaid...Polly on the Shore...Glasgow Wedding/Far from Home...Grove Fishermen...The Ghost of Old Solem...From Mulgrave to Eskside...Thunderwood.

Available on CD only

"The Voice of Teesside and the Cleveland Coast"
Other material available on the night.

Richard Grainger More...

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