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Bob Wood

Surrey based Bob hails originally from the west coast of Scotland.  He describes himself as an engaging solo singer and performer with an easy going sense of humour.  He’s also known as an accomplished finger-style guitarist.  (He uses a range of open tunings to great effect).

Bob's repertoire is mainly traditional, but includes an array of contemporary songs as well as a smattering of pipe, harp and other tunes, on guitar.

Singers & Musicians Night
All performers are made welcome, and listeners besides, at our popular Open House sessions.  The more the merrier, so do come along.
Hartley Morris & Singers & Musicians Night

The evening starts with our usual singers and musicians night in the bar.  Hartley Morris will dance outside and when they’ve exhausted themselves will take over the singing in the bar.  Expect lots of loud and lively chorus songs!

String Whistle

Dave Rickard on strings and keyboard, with Rob Mitchell on whistles, flutes, recorders.  A night of mainly traditional music and song.

Singers & Musicians Night
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song